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Who is Ricky Browne?

Ricky describes himself as a: lifelong learner, idiosyncratic independent thinker, above average autodidact and arm-chair philosopher, planet lover, uncertainty seeker, agnostic reasoner and optimalist, realistic optimist, psychology aficionado, expert in the practice of love and relationships, probability enthusiast, guessing savant, autarchic worker, habitual wordsmith, comically mischievous satirist, compositional design practitioner, horizontal programmer, more


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Studying self-development and pondering human potential for 20 years from an individual and societal perspective, Ricky considers himself a slightly above-average autodidactic armchair philosopher. With zero degrees under his belt, Ricky feels he has done the due diligence necessary to write with some degree of authority despite his lack of formal education.

Ricky is guided by the principles of reasoning through faith in what is optimal for human survival and individual flourishing.

With many of Ricky's currently published books, the vehicle is humour, sometimes without any moral or message, but just for shits and giggles. While he has a few more works of satire in the pipes, is moving away from humour and taking on a more serious, mature tone.

Ricky's books have been downloaded over 3600 times on Google Books since they were added in January of last year.

Ricky Browne

Ricky Browne
Dubbo NSW Austalia 2830

M: 0434 779 000
E: wizard(at)ofOz.org


Ratio Per Fidem – Ego Scitis Nihil
I Reason in Faith – For I Know Nothing!

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