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Ricky Browne

Ricky Browne / Front-end Coder



Developing writing and meditation apps for the web and for Windows platforms using Electron JS.

Affirmator.org - Affirmation Mindfulness App w/ Audio Visual Stimulation
Random Weighted Choice Maker
BrainSync Neural Stimulation
rickyWriter Freewriting & Drafting App Prototype
Word-association Party Game Web-app
Pre-Cognition Tester

Ricky Browne

Thanks to the development of ChatGPT, Ricky has been able to take his coding skills to the next level, tackling programming problems once out of his reach, cutting the time it takes to develop complex applications.

Ricky has also started packaging his apps using Electron to run locally on Windows desktop environments.

Ricky Browne

Furlong Street Labs
Dubbo NSW Austalia 2830

M: 0434 779 000
E: wizard(at)ofOz.org

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